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Smart WiFi Economy Home
8MP 3840x2160 FaceDe 300mb IP PoE Pro
12MP 4000x3000 300mb IP PoE Pro
PTZ 5mp 45...60...240mt Zoom Pro
Thermal Optical AI-Bi-Spectrum Pro
Smart Access Control Attendance Pro
NVR iNVR Wifi-NVR & PoE Switch Pro
5mp Full Color 24/7&10x Zoom Pro
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Secure Shopping in Five Steps
CameraIstanbul  Construction + Commissioning + Startup + Handover
SAFE SHOPPING IN FIVE STEPS "last updates 20.10.2020"

1-Search the Best Product on All Sites                                                                       
You should look for the most suitable product on the manufacturer's official site. You should receive free advice about new technologies you have not heard. You should visit the linkedin profile to see the company's history and whether it is sufficient for the job. Do price analysis and original product research. Ask the seller for a username and password. Connect online into your product from your mobile phone or computer.  Camera Istanbul offers the latest technology products that are tried and bought by the users to the finest detail and offered for sale on the website. If you think you already have enough information about the product you plan to purchase, you can buy it safely from our site. If you are not sure and you still have question marks in your mind, you can contact us. You can ask any questions you may have and you can get free advice. If the product you want to buy is out of stock, you should get information about the lead time. We don't have much stock. Your products will always be produced within the month of purchase. It means that. The manufacturer starts the warranty period on the date of shipment. Having more products in stock leads to shorter warranty periods. For this reason, vendor companies generally provide one year warranty period for electronic products. As Camera Istanbul, we prefer to protect the rights of our valued customers.
2-Product Selection - Cargo Type - What are your rights? - What are your Technical Service&Guarantee rights? - Invoice Information Mailing - Later Payment via Bank
Product Selection
Cameraistanbul.com You can select the products you want from our page by clicking "Add" button. On the products page you have selected, you can add new, remove any you want. You can see the number, weight and total amount of products you have selected in your shopping cart at the top of our page. Click to view the product details.

Shipping Type
You can choose the free shipping option if you want. It will be shipped on the same day during working hours. Cargo tracking number will be sent to you by mail and message.

We send the products you selected from Cameraistanbul.com to the world. For this, we need to get an offer from our contracted cargo companies regarding the weight and volume of the products you choose. You should contact us for the paid shipping option.

What are your rights?
When the contracted shipping company brings your product, open it together. If your product is damaged during shipping, please contact us by taking a photo.Do not accept cargo. You are entitled to return the product within 14 days of receipt. "Product should be packed, original boxes should not be opened, banners should not be damaged, accessories should not be taken, should not be overwritten". The shipping cost of the returned products belongs to the buyer. Cameraistanbul.com returns the returned product to the buyer's bank account within 14 days of acceptance. The product to be returned must be delivered to Cameraistanbul.com within 10 days after being notified to the Cameraistanbul.com official.
What are your Technical Service&Guarantee rights?
In order to guarantee the product by "Cameraistanbul.com", it must be commissioned by "Cameraistanbul.com Technical Service". In case of voltage fluctuations in the city network, ups must be used to avoid damaging the devices. Flood, disaster, earthquake, + 60 degrees hot and more -40 degrees cold and more ice does not cover the warranty. Opening the screws of the product, damaging it by dropping from high, breaking it by attacking, burning it, putting it into water and holding it into water, does not cover the guarantee of physical damage.
You must create a service record to guarantee your product. Call our technical service and make an appointment based on your workload. Technical service will make an appointment according to the sales order. Your billing number is also your service priority.  Technical service only involves commissioning the product and training the user. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we provide service via WhatsApp.

We provide free corporate support with WhatsApp if the buyer wishes. To guarantee the product, the original product warranty label will be shipped with the product. Inboxes with cargo are opened during WhatsApp call. After commissioning, the labels will be affixed to the "service points". The video call will be recorded.
The warranty periods of the products guaranteed by Cameraistanbul.com are kept online on the sql server. If requested by the buyer, "
Cameraistanbul.com " will be informed by the authorities. Cameraistanbul.com is committed not to share all the information of the buyer in accordance with the law on the protection of personal information.Under the data protection law, your data will only be tored during your warranty period for invoice, shipping, and warranty processes.

Invoice Information Mailing
After entering the address and contact information in the information page  
Cameraistanbul.com  will send you the invoice information and order code.  

Later Payment via Bank
Pay the bank with your order code.  Please send us your order code and bank statement. If no bank payment is made for the product ordered within 7 days, the order will not be considered.
3-Preparing Products for Cargo
Your purchased product will be prepared for you immediately. The user manual, installation CD, accessories, invoice and warranty labels will be placed in the box. At the same time, the serial numbers of the products you purchase will be entered into the sql server.
4- Delivery of Products Prepared to Buyer to Cargo Company
Free Shipping. During working hours, your product is delivered to the contracted cargo company. You will receive your shipping tracking number by mail and text message. The contact information you provide is very important.

Paid Shipping. We ship our products to all over the world with our contracted cargo companies.  For this, we need to get an offer from our contracted cargo companies regarding the weight and volume of the products you choose. You should contact us for the paid shipping option.
5-Verification of Product Commissioning Warranties
Video commissioning via WhatsApp.
If the buyer requests, we perform live commissioning via WhatsApp during working hours. The receiver must create a service record for this. The invoice number indicates the service priority. The product came into play and the buyer received training support. It affixes the warranty labels inside the box to the service points of the receiving devices.

Cantonk R&D department. You can download the user manual, all programs and updates here. http://www.herospeed.net
Cantonk promotion and learning channel. Very easy. You don't need service. Watch the video and apply. https://www.youtube.com
You can connect to your online Cantonk cameras from anywhere in the world over the internet. https://www.bitvision.app
You can connect to your Cantonk cameras with iPad iPhone devices from anywhere in the world.  https://apps.apple.com
You can connect to your Cantonk cameras with Android devices from all over the world. https://play.google.com
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