We are happy to be your solution partner with more than 20 years of work experience in the world's largest projects.
Smart WiFi Economy Home
8MP 3840x2160 FaceDe 300mb IP PoE Pro
12MP 4000x3000 300mb IP PoE Pro
PTZ 5mp 45...60...240mt Zoom Pro
Thermal Optical AI-Bi-Spectrum Pro
Smart Access Control Attendance Pro
NVR iNVR Wifi-NVR & PoE Switch Pro
5mp Full Color 24/7&10x Zoom Pro
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cameraistanbul.com  Construction + Commissioning + Startup + Handover
Cameraistanbul.com offers more than 20 years of international experience to our valued customers. We are not just a store selling products. For your safety, we offer the best products, service guarantee and free consultation.
Minimum requirements for the manufacturers we work with:

  1. Certificate ISO, CE, ROHS, FCC, GDPR, BIS, VOC, SASO.
  2. Experience 20 years.
  3. Being among the top 3 companies in the world market.
Construction + Commissioning + Startup + Handover

If you have a very large construction project, seven items to remember
  1. Your cable length will be too much.
  2. You will not get enough performance from the products you buy.

  3. Choosing the wrong and expensive product will increase your costs.

  4. You will have to use so many of expensive products for the wrong product.

  5. You will suffer loss of time, money and prestige because you do not receive adequate service support.

  6. The electronic products you purchase will be left behind for at least five years of technology development.

  7. The worst is to be called an inexperienced manager.

   www.cameraistanbul.com site does not contain advertising. Designed from the eyes of an experienced engineer. You can see the data sheet comparisons of all products in one page. This way you can choose the right and cheap product for you. We provide free consultancy services for your projects. As Cameraistanbul.com family, we provide the highest quality security at the cheapest price. Please do not buy products without reading the products and detail descriptions on our site.
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Camera Istanbul

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